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One of the main things majority of Pakistani children are taught during the process of Primary Socialization is how their country was formed. They are told about the sacrifices Muhammad Ali Jinnah, or Quaid-e-Azam as many Pakistani’s call him, and many other Indian Muslims had to make to form a Muslim State so that their children can practice their religion in peace unlike them.It’s been sixty-four years since Pakistan’s independence and a lot has changed which makes people wonder whether Pakistan is a Muslim Country or not?
According to Wikipedia, an Islamic state  is a type of government, where the primary basis for government is Islamic religious law. However, if you see the politicians of Pakistan, if you hear or look at what they do, you will see that it is the complete opposite of Islamic religious law.Take a look at this article and you’ll know what I mean:

Further more, it is not just the government we should just blame but the people of Pakistan who have slowly slipped away from Islam. Take a look at this video that shows British Muslim Scholar, Abdur Raheem Green’s view on whether Pakistan is a Muslim country or not:
If you’re still not convinced by Abdur Raheem Green on whether majority of Pakistan are not practicing Muslims then take a look at this article from a Pakistani news blog and read the comments as well:
In Islam, sex before marriage is not permitted, yet we see so many Muslims watch pornography. Does this mean that they have sex before marriage too?  If you were too busy to read the article. Watch this video: 
So if the government is not practicing Islamic Law and the people aren’t, the question arises: 

I am Muhammad Mustafa and you just saw my perspective of the world 🙂


The Young Turks is one of the best news shows of the 21st century. To me the second best, the first being The Alyona Show. However, when it comes to delivering news about religion, I feel The Young Turks are a little bit bias because of their own individual beliefs. Take a look at this:

Yes, I agree with Ana, that people shouldn’t care when someone’s making fun of their religion but saying that Atheists should have a day every year to make fun of someone else’s religion just to make them get use to the fact that their religion will be made fun of is stupid! Why should Atheist even care about other people’s religion? Why can’t they just be Atheist and get on with their lives? Why should they have to torment other religious groups every year just to make a point that they CAN torment them whenever they want?

You said it yourself Ana, that people shouldn’t care about their religion being made fun of because it’s just a joke. They shouldn’t take it seriously. It is not for any bad intentions but this is. It doesn’t seem like a joke to me doing this every year purposely.

Moreover, yes Ana, it will cause violence. Did you forget what happened in Afghanistan when the US soldiers burned the Qur’an? There was chaos! Not just in Afghanistan but in Pakistan and other countries as well. Why go through all of that? Why is it SO important?

I personally think that by doing this Atheist are going to become unpopular or in some cases more unpopular. Now I know you guys don’t care about what other people think about your beliefs but come on you’re only human and any human would prefer their religious beliefs being respected than being hated because of it. My advice to The Young Turks: stop encouraging people to make fun of religion and stick to the real news you’re famous at reporting.

I am Muhammad Mustafa and you just saw my perspective of the world 🙂