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Recently, I was watching The Alyona Show’s segment,  ‘You Said It, I Read It’  on Youtube  and one of the Youtube comments she read on the show was about how Alyona is a lazy journalist because she didn’t talk about the Oscars and how he’s disappointed in her for not doing so. Seriously?

Have Fox News and the other mainstream media news networks really brainwashed us into calling a journalist, who reports real issues that the mainstream does not even bother to mention lazy, just because she didn’t talk about a bunch of billionaires giving each other awards? Well, we know that youtube user has certainly been influenced!

However, honestly speaking, I did enjoy the Oscars a lot this year. The movie, A Separation, which is one of the greatest films of all time won The Best Foreign Film Award. Moreover, Sharmeen Chinoy-Obaid also won an Oscar  and she was the first Pakistani to do so, which makes me proud as a Pakistani.

Okay I kinda just contradicted the point I was trying to make. Oh wait no I didn’t! My point is pop culture is important but not as important as the people at E magazine think it is. I’m sure this has happened to you that a friend comes up to you and asks you whether you’ve seen this apparently overrated movie or music video and you say you haven’t and they scream in horror and make you feel like you live under a rock.

Why? Why can’t we feel the same way when someone’s telling us about drone attacks sent by our country to another country or when we’re talking about the corruption happening in our country? My answer: It’s cause of the mainstream media. The mainstream media is promoting these overrated, waste of time topics so much that we just don’t care anymore about the real issues happening around the world. I mean just think about it, how much time did the mainstream media give attention to the horrible things happening in Syria than they did to Snooki‘s pregnancy? More than they should? Of course.


Now we shouldn’t just blame the mainstream  media but also ourselves for getting influenced by them in the first place. So let’s stop living in a world where the main concerns are whether it was a good idea for Rihanna to get back together with Chris brown or not. Let E! News worry about that.

I am Muhammad Mustafa and you just saw my perspective of the world 🙂