It’s kinda like a diary because it shows my opinions about things happening around the world and my life, but you’ll differently learn a lot from it. I talk about almost anything I can lay my hands on, except sports…yeah not a sports guy.

Prophet Muhammad and Muhammad Mustafa are two completely different people!

I had a conversation with a friend a while back when I created this blog and he said I shouldn’t call it ‘MuhammadsBlog’ because most people will think its either about the Islamic Prophet or Islam itself. It could be since I’m Muslim so it will pop up sometimes but the blog mainly shares my experiences. But bear in mind I’m no religious scholar and Islam isn’t the only thing I’ll be talking about.

The Muhammad Show

A podcast created by me and hosted by my friends and me. It’s a current-affairs talk-show that talks to high school students and other young people from various parts of the world, and lets them talk about the things that matter to them and issues they feel that aren’t given much to by the media in their country and around the world.


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